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Author Topic: Ragy warlock app  (Read 758 times)

August 29, 2016, 11:12:16 PM


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Please copy and paste / answer the following:
- Your character name and class.   
 Ragy 100 Warlock

- Yes or no? Do you have a parse? 

- Your real name, age, and sex.   
Steve, 32, Male

- Where you live and time zone.   
Iowa, Central

- Your brief synopsis of prior raiding experience. 
 Did all ICC, Cata, some warlords, also did almost all vanilla dungeons.

- Your previous characters/alts/previous character names, server. (You can use wowtrack.org if you please) 
Admonia Horde Dragonmaw, some other but blizzard site is slow and has problems right now

- A link to your armory (please log out in your PvE gear) 
website having problems atm

- Your raid availability. 
 Tuesday and Thursday nights unless I have to work

- Are you willing to be benched and be brought off the bench? 

- Any potential problems in the future (such as a wedding, school, moving soon, etc.)   
No, just work that may be on some random tuesdays

- A brief guild history with reasons for leaving.   
 Omen, Tel Mithrim.  Left when groups fell apart

- A brief description of why you would like to join (why did you choose us out of all the other guilds on the server) and what you feel you can contribute (in raid,

guild, and otherwise).   
 I get along with a ton of the guys in it, have known them for a long time, and the best part is I know how not to stand in fire.

- Your current and preferred raid spec (please create a link via wowhead.com or worldofwarcraft.com talent calculators).    Any warlock spec.  It is a new class for me

but would do any spec needed/wanted.  Also, could play a dif char as well if needed.  Ranged dps preferred.

- A member of the guild who can vouch for you (which means you know them well and they would be willing to put their name on the line for you. If you don't know them well

enough for them to VOUCH for you, don't list their name, not just whoever referred you to the website or randomly talked to). 
maine, demeker, naliveh
- Do you have a PvP trinket? 

- What loot system do you prefer and why?
Dont Care

- Do you have any problems with your computer or connection? (Capped at any time during the month, share internet connection, running on a laptop from 1983)

- A link to your test results at pingtest.net
Rated a B+

- A link to your test results at speedtest.net
ping 22ms, dl spd 77,67 mbps, upload 3.81

- A screenshot of your current UI in combat
will download/use and needed

- An up-to-date parse of your abilities in a recent raid and supplemental comments. (If you answered no to the previous question regarding parses, follow these steps:

step 1) delete everything, step 2) apply elsewhere.)
- Do you PvP? and how does it fit into your schedules with PvE?
Yup, for fun whenever

- What does being in a "mature raiding guild" mean to you?
Big black monster dick... all the time

- Do you have an authenticator attached to your account?

- Do you have a mic and would you actually use it?

- The easiest way to get in contact with you outside of in-game
Text from maine, naliveh, demeker

- How did you hear about us? (Wowprogress, forums, someone pst'd you, etc.)

- Any additional notes you would like to add.
  I own a business so there may be some times where I cannot raid. 

- Bonus Question: What is the ONE most important attribute of a raiding guild member? (Impress us by THOROUGHLY explaining)
  Consistency.  Consistently trying to do the best you can and improve. 

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- A screenshot of your current UI in combat
will download/use and needed

This is simply a screenshot of your interface, just take one and upload it somewhere.

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No need to app atm. Since you have friends in the guild i have no problem inviting you. Contact an officer when you are online.


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